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Original Vienna Mauthausen Concentration Camp Tour /Day Trip

Just outside Vienna lies a reminder of cities darkest past. Come experience one of the most poignant reminders of the evil of World War Two on the Original Vienna Mauthausen Concentration Camp Tour /Day Trip. Part of Nazi Germany’s many internment camp’s Mauthausen was one of the biggest. The camp is thought to of held up to 200,00 prisoners between 1938 and 1945. One of the remaining symbols of the absolute power and evil of the Nazi regimes. Of the 200,000 inmates, it is estimated that over half lost their lives here, and the Mauthausen camp was the very last to be liberated by the allies. The camp is truly a chilling reminder of a dark past.

This tour will take off from the Vienna city center and head out toward the site of the Mauthausen camp. The ride takes about 2 hours and takes guests through an amazing view of the Austrian countryside. There will be a short stop to use the toilet and grab some snacks. Once arriving at the camp, its time to grab your audio guide and take the guided tour, taking guests to the Wiener-Graben quarry, the prisoners’ barracks, the so-called ‘Stairs of Death,’ SS-quarters, gas chamber, camp prison and the Mauthausen Museum. The experience is very somber and a real reminder of what happened here. There will be time to explore on your own before meeting back up with the group and head back to Vienna city. Come experience a tour of one of the largest reminders of the evil of World War Two with Original Vienna Tours and the Original Vienna Mauthausen Concentration Camp Tour /Day Trip.


The Original Vienna Mauthausen Concentration Camp Tour /Day Trip

is about hours and features

Return Transport to Mauthausen Concentration Camp.

Audio Guided Tour of the camp

Great local guides

World War II History

Much Much More

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Phobe (New Zealand)
"The free Walking Tour was great. The guide told us all about the history side of things and some of the best places to go in town" - Phobe (New Zealand)
Sandra (U.S.A.)
"The Pub Crawl is awesome best way to have a drinking night out. I recommended it to everyone at my hostel" - Sandra (U.S.A.)

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