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 Bild The Original Vienna WWII Tour

The Original Vienna Hitler & WWII Tour

  • Major WWII Historical Sights
  • Hitlers Residence
  • The Bombing of Vienna
  • Vienna after the war
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    The Original Vienna WWII Tour



    Vienna offers up this famous walk as only Vienna can. Despite being bombed 52 times during the war many buildings, reminders, and memorials still stand today. Join us as we walk along the Viennese streets and recall the history that took place here during the worlds biggest conflict. From the Flak towers still standing around the city to the modern day results of a split city after the war. We will stop by major historiacal land marks relieing on our guides to recount stories from history and modern day legend. The Vienna world war II tour is not to be missed!


    Probably the most prominent man of the second world war was Austrian born Adolf Hitler who called Vienna home for parts of his life. Having numerous housing complexes and estates. Hitler has left his mark on this city as much as any other in Europe. From the famous speech on the balcony of the Neue Burg, a part of the Hofburg, to his early years roaming the streets. We retrace the steps of history most hated.


    This 3.5 hour Vienna World War II Tour  visits


    Old WWII flack towers

    The Hofburg

    Old Habsburg Imperial Ring

    Imperial Armory

    Divided Vienna

    Plaques and Statues Honoring the Underground Fight against Nazism

    Memorial to Austrian Holocaust Victims

    and much more……..


    This Vienna Tour visits loads of historical World War attractions, and historical sights, but along the way our guides will share stories, and information about famous events, people, music, and architecture. In this way no tour is exactly the same and you are guaranteed a unique experience with your fun and informative guide.


    Our guides know their stuff and love to talk about it, but they also know the best places in town to catch a bite to eat or find something to do. Weather your looking for the hottest club or the budget food place your just going to love. Don’t hesitate to ask our guides.

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