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 Bild The Original Battle for Vienna Tour

The Original Battle for Vienna Tour

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    The Original Battle for Vienna Tour



    Vienna has held a part in many of the large European wars. From the Ottaman’s to Napolean, this city has seen a fair share of conflict. This one of a kind  Vienna Tour concentrates on the Multiple battles that have been fought in and around the city. See the place where Napoleon took over the city without firing a shot! And 4 years later when he took the city again with massive fighting. See parts of the walls that where built in the Third Crusade when King  Richard the Lionheart was captured and a massive ransom paid. Parts of this wall built on ransom money still stand today. Walk along the flak towers left over after the Nazi occupation and allied bombings of WWII.

    Join us as our guides lead you into the Battle of Vienna, which took place in 1683. Marking the first time the Holy Roman Church cooperated with Poland in a battle. The battle for Vienna marks a turning point in the history of this 300 year old war between the Turks and the Roman Empire. After succeeding in victory here in Vienna the Holy Roman Empire went on to take back almost all of Hungary. The battle is also known for having the largest known Calvary charge in history!

    Our guides are the best in the business and have not only studied this stuff, but go that extra step in finding all the interesting stories and  legends. Learn about history as it comes to life in this modern day museum!


    This 3.5 hour Vienna Tour visits

    WWII Flak Towers

    Original City Wall Defense

    Napolean’s Vienna


    Sight of the Congress of Vienna 1814

    Hofburg Imperial Palace

    Heroes Square

    the Monument against war and Fascism

    Schottentor gate

    and much more….

    This historical tour visits loads of attractions, and historical sights, but along the way our guides will share stories, and information about famous events, people, music, and architecture. In this way no tour is exactly the same and you are guaranteed a unique experience with your fun and informative guide.


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