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The Free Original Vienna Bike Tour


Welcome to Vienna’s very first free bike tour. Come see the magic of Austria’s capital city by bike. Our awesome officially licensed guides have dedicated there studies to the amazing history of this town and they can’t wait to show you why. By bike we get to see so much of the city and the various parts of its history. From the battle of Vienna, to World War II, and even to modern day Vienna. This tour has it all! Our local guides are experts on the city’s past but also on Vienna’s present. If your looking for some hot tips about events in town or where to find the best place to grab some food just ask our friendly staff!

This tour is coming soon

This Original Free Vienna Bike tour takes 2 hrs and features:

St. Rupert’s, the oldest church in Vienna

old Jewish quarter

The Old City Hall

Ring Road


Hofburg Imperial Palace

Heroes Square

St Micheal Square

St. Stephen’s Cathedral

the house where Mozart wrote his famous opera “The Marriage of Figaro”

Sacher Hotel – famous for the Sacher Torte (Chocolate cake)

Plague Column

The church of St. Augustine.

the Monument against war and Fascism

And more. . .

The Original Vienna Bike tour can change its course based on the local events and also the guide of the day. All our guides are passionate about Vienna’s history and love to show the city off in their own way!

This tour is perfect for first timers visiting the city and is great at accommodating groups as well as solo travelers and just about everything else in between. Our guides try and keep the group size to a containable amount so that biking through the city is easy. For this reason it may be best to reserve your spot online as preference will be given to those with online reservations.


Phobe (New Zealand)
"The free Walking Tour was great. The guide told us all about the history side of things and some of the best places to go in town" - Phobe (New Zealand)
Sandra (U.S.A.)
"The Pub Crawl is awesome best way to have a drinking night out. I recommended it to everyone at my hostel" - Sandra (U.S.A.)

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