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The Free Original Vienna Alternative Tour



A social tour, discover Vienna’s alternative culture in a social, informative and fun atmosphere. Take a walk with us as our guides take you a long a bit of an unbeaten trail. Art is everywhere in Vienna, and we know where to find it and how to explain it. There are many legal places and walls to paint on, but there are also some other well known places like Kirchengasse, Donaukanal, Naschmarkt, and Burggasse, just to name a few. Your guide strives to give you the best possible experience of the city, and depending on various factors like weather, guide preference, and time of year this tour can change daily.

This Tour will start in the center of the city but heads quickly onto the less beaten path and places mostly missed by most tourists. We will discuss modern street and urban art, and the growing ever-changing alternative culture in Vienna.

Socialize with other travelers while your knowledgeable guide reveals the unique atmosphere of Alternative Vienna.

This tour takes up to 3 hrs and features:

  • Street art and graffiti in all of its forms,
  • Squats & community projects,
  • celebrations and festivals
  • Parks, food, bars, clubs
  • Vienna’s modern culture
  • And much more. . .

This is also a great way to learn how to get around the city. The best places to eat, drink, party, or relax. Our guides are locals and know just about everything there is to know about how to have fun here. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions as we love to share this information!
We will take the time to make sure you see a bunch of cool stuff while having time to chill out and enjoy all that the city has to offer.
Want to stop for a beer along the way? Although this isn’t specifically a drinking tour we understand the importance of a social atmosphere so expect to stop and chill out.

Some Impressions

Phobe (New Zealand)
"The free Walking Tour was great. The guide told us all about the history side of things and some of the best places to go in town" - Phobe (New Zealand)
Sandra (U.S.A.)
"The Pub Crawl is awesome best way to have a drinking night out. I recommended it to everyone at my hostel" - Sandra (U.S.A.)

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